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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rest In Paradise

Today has been a rough, sad day . Not just because of my personal issues , but everyone, me, friends & family. A friend of my sister who was also a friend of the family has passed away today. She was only 22 . She really put up a good fight from what she was going through, but now the pain & suffering is over. Im just glad to know shes in a better place, and that she was with family & friends who were by her side, hoping & praying. Everyone who is reading this: Life is SHORT. LIVE and SMILE (no matter what you're going through) like everyday is your last... Do not hold grudges, forgive. Dont let things faze you, just smile. Dont complain about your age (20,30,40 whatever) , THANK GOD YOU'RE LIVING ANOTHER DAY. Lina, if you can read this, Im sorry you had to go through what you did before you passed, we will pray for you while you finally lay to rest, & we hope to re-unite with you someday. My thoughts & prayers go out her close friends & family. Rest In Paradise Wendy Carolina Brown .

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