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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rest In Paradise

Today has been a rough, sad day . Not just because of my personal issues , but everyone, me, friends & family. A friend of my sister who was also a friend of the family has passed away today. She was only 22 . She really put up a good fight from what she was going through, but now the pain & suffering is over. Im just glad to know shes in a better place, and that she was with family & friends who were by her side, hoping & praying. Everyone who is reading this: Life is SHORT. LIVE and SMILE (no matter what you're going through) like everyday is your last... Do not hold grudges, forgive. Dont let things faze you, just smile. Dont complain about your age (20,30,40 whatever) , THANK GOD YOU'RE LIVING ANOTHER DAY. Lina, if you can read this, Im sorry you had to go through what you did before you passed, we will pray for you while you finally lay to rest, & we hope to re-unite with you someday. My thoughts & prayers go out her close friends & family. Rest In Paradise Wendy Carolina Brown .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2.3.91 - EDAY

20 years ago, on Sunday, February 3rd, 1991 5:30 am , a crazy bxtch was born : Emily Marie D.
Its bittersweet because Im no longer a teenager. After all the ups & downs , I realized it was fun while it lasted. Now its really time to be an adult ..... (pause) lmao .
Happy Birthday To Me !!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Webcam Fun =)

All Natural =)
I look like a geek with my glasses lol .
(Bored with the webcam at 1 am )
Note: I wear alot of purple .

Do The Creep ...

#SNL Never fails to crack me up . Nicki Minaj stole the show ! This song will forever be in my head . #VideoOfTheDay

High Times ( Poem . )

Fade away, lets fade away
I wish we lived this moment every fuckin day
Lets get zooted , lets get high
Lets blow O's on cloud 9 into the sky
Lets fly while we're high, lets spread our wings and fly
We dont float, we're too high, lets fly beyond the sky
Outter space, lets touch the sun rays
Faded for days off the purple haze...
Blazed, off that purple haze...
Higher, higher, are you still with me ?
Lets light another blunt and take off to another galaxy
Cause now our problem's gone, there's no more pain
The sun is shining, there's no rain
All we got is love , thanks to Mary Jane
It made us high in love, in the stars above
High in love , if that makes sense
Seems like its working, we're no longer tensed
So here we are,  now we landed
Gone out this world, no we wasn't stranded
High in love, now our eyes are low
Lets roll another one, here we go =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Check it Out =)

@YoungChrisJones - My Life .
He's poppin , from CT - @GBlizMusic & @JcleFmusic are very talented as well . Follow them . Or I will find you , & kill you *loads gun* lmao . 

Seriously ? -____-

Do some blacks really have self esteem that low ? That you have to bleach your effin skin ?! & This fool used laundry detergent. BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL - ALL shades of brown, especially dark brown . Dont let ANYONE tell you different . #BlackisBEAUTIFUL

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take A Picture !

I only fxcks with weave if its good weave . Im #TeamNaturalHair. but this is perfect for the winter. Needed something to keep my head warm =)


Dear World
I LOVE you .
#MyOpinion JLo isnt a good singer to be a judge.
#ThatisALL - Lml =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome To My Crazy World =)

Hola Mundo . Welcome to my Eccentric blog =D . I definitely had to make one , mainly because I talk to damn much lml . I have so much on my mind so why not share my thoughts to the world ? But since you're gonna be reading my blogs , you might as well get to know me first ( for most that dont know me or never knew I existed ) . My real name is Emily D. , I now go by the name Eccentric. I was born 2.3.91 in Willingboro, NJ . Unfortunately I still reside there O_o . Im 19 , about to be 20 in less than 3 weeks .
I love poetry , that's all I've been writing since the 5th grade. Everyone even my teachers knew how good I was , & it gave me confidence . When I was younger I wanted to be a rapper , I already had the writing skills on point . I wanted to be a female version of Busta Rhymes lol.. Alot of things discouraged me , and as I got older I got into different things . Now I graduated from high school and Im a licensed cosmetologist & work at a Sallys . I realized by the end of 2010 I wanted to rap again, something I havent done too much of. I never recorded or made a mixtape yet . I dont wanna be like everyone else & just make some regular mixtape ( remember just because "everyone" made a mixtape, doesnt mean it was good ) . My goal is to show the world a different side of me . My goal is to not necessarily become a rapper , but to start a movement #SupportGOODMusic . Im definitely tired of the bs I hear on the radio. Anyways , I hope you enjoy this blog . Shoutout to those will be supporting me through this musical journey Im about to start. Shoutout to those who plan on shittin on everything I do & will be doing . =) - Love, Emily
Follow me on twitter @AyOCrazyBxtch . 

My Random Thoughts 9:01 pm

Time to express my random thoughts . I usually get these alot lol .
Anyways . Honestly , it feels like Im being turned off by everyone. Im not one of those girls who bashes on the male species either . I've been through alot and now Im fed up, for real this time . Unless I can find someone who is worthy enough & can meet my standards , I wont be interested . And at the same time, I choose to be single because I need to get myself together . I need to stop letting people disrespect me. I still need to find my will power . I changed alot from the dumb shit I did in highschool , but I still have alot to do to get where I need to be in life. As I got older , I learned alot about myself. I'm still in the process of finding my TRUE VALUE , which is very hard to find for most women . As I got older and more mature , I realized that these "boys" (the gender that treats me the worst) I've been dating isnt right for me. I dont deserve to be treated like this . So therefore, I will remain single until everything falls in the RIGHT place . Until I get myself together, until I find someone , a good person , with a heart & not a cold one . While Im single , I can spend time with myself, get some things done, like getting my degree, saving up for a car, make $$$ .
Im not 16 anymore , it can take alot to catch my attention now , especially because alot went down over the years. I changed my views on people. I made 3 male friends by the end of last year, they made me realize that there are good people around me , that I can find someone with good standards . Hopefully that one special person will come , hopefully soon .... I get impatient lol . But as of right now , Im convinced that this relationship thing wasnt meant to be , not for me =/
- Eccentric .

Throwback Pic .

This had to be when I was a junior in highschool lmao . I was so bad , and didnt give a fuck either . This pic came from Mypace .  

Love is Blind - Poem .

From the beginning I knew me and you were like fire and ice
But I had to be a dummy and make the same mistake twice
I wanted this to work but I knew we were too different from the start
I was too blind and couldnt let you go while we were falling apart
I was "the girl blinded by love" people couldnt understand her
Blind by love I couldnt take no for an answer
Boo love and fight was our pattern thats what we did together
Years later we made no progress, so I prayed for things to get better
I defended you, I LOST FRIENDS for you . I was in love
You were my addiction, so high I touched the sky. Higher than cloud 9
I was with the stars above
Blind by love, I didnt expect to get hurt
But when I got hurt, I fell from Cloud 9, I now feel lower than dirt
The love was gone, the fights got worse
Mad because I wanted to feel special, I wanted to be the first
I wanted to be one to make it work & hope things last
Then reality hit, everything went downhill. It all happend so fast
It happend so quickly. You were here, now you're gone
Now your presence makes me sick, and this cant go on
My thoughts of you discontinued, my love for you came to an end
We were inseparable, now Im sorry to say you lost a friend
What happend to us? You led me to believe we were on top, up & flying above
Im done with the "Rise & Fall" of us, now we are DEAD
Because what you took for granted , now you lost my love .