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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome To My Crazy World =)

Hola Mundo . Welcome to my Eccentric blog =D . I definitely had to make one , mainly because I talk to damn much lml . I have so much on my mind so why not share my thoughts to the world ? But since you're gonna be reading my blogs , you might as well get to know me first ( for most that dont know me or never knew I existed ) . My real name is Emily D. , I now go by the name Eccentric. I was born 2.3.91 in Willingboro, NJ . Unfortunately I still reside there O_o . Im 19 , about to be 20 in less than 3 weeks .
I love poetry , that's all I've been writing since the 5th grade. Everyone even my teachers knew how good I was , & it gave me confidence . When I was younger I wanted to be a rapper , I already had the writing skills on point . I wanted to be a female version of Busta Rhymes lol.. Alot of things discouraged me , and as I got older I got into different things . Now I graduated from high school and Im a licensed cosmetologist & work at a Sallys . I realized by the end of 2010 I wanted to rap again, something I havent done too much of. I never recorded or made a mixtape yet . I dont wanna be like everyone else & just make some regular mixtape ( remember just because "everyone" made a mixtape, doesnt mean it was good ) . My goal is to show the world a different side of me . My goal is to not necessarily become a rapper , but to start a movement #SupportGOODMusic . Im definitely tired of the bs I hear on the radio. Anyways , I hope you enjoy this blog . Shoutout to those will be supporting me through this musical journey Im about to start. Shoutout to those who plan on shittin on everything I do & will be doing . =) - Love, Emily
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