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Monday, January 31, 2011

High Times ( Poem . )

Fade away, lets fade away
I wish we lived this moment every fuckin day
Lets get zooted , lets get high
Lets blow O's on cloud 9 into the sky
Lets fly while we're high, lets spread our wings and fly
We dont float, we're too high, lets fly beyond the sky
Outter space, lets touch the sun rays
Faded for days off the purple haze...
Blazed, off that purple haze...
Higher, higher, are you still with me ?
Lets light another blunt and take off to another galaxy
Cause now our problem's gone, there's no more pain
The sun is shining, there's no rain
All we got is love , thanks to Mary Jane
It made us high in love, in the stars above
High in love , if that makes sense
Seems like its working, we're no longer tensed
So here we are,  now we landed
Gone out this world, no we wasn't stranded
High in love, now our eyes are low
Lets roll another one, here we go =)

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