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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love is Blind - Poem .

From the beginning I knew me and you were like fire and ice
But I had to be a dummy and make the same mistake twice
I wanted this to work but I knew we were too different from the start
I was too blind and couldnt let you go while we were falling apart
I was "the girl blinded by love" people couldnt understand her
Blind by love I couldnt take no for an answer
Boo love and fight was our pattern thats what we did together
Years later we made no progress, so I prayed for things to get better
I defended you, I LOST FRIENDS for you . I was in love
You were my addiction, so high I touched the sky. Higher than cloud 9
I was with the stars above
Blind by love, I didnt expect to get hurt
But when I got hurt, I fell from Cloud 9, I now feel lower than dirt
The love was gone, the fights got worse
Mad because I wanted to feel special, I wanted to be the first
I wanted to be one to make it work & hope things last
Then reality hit, everything went downhill. It all happend so fast
It happend so quickly. You were here, now you're gone
Now your presence makes me sick, and this cant go on
My thoughts of you discontinued, my love for you came to an end
We were inseparable, now Im sorry to say you lost a friend
What happend to us? You led me to believe we were on top, up & flying above
Im done with the "Rise & Fall" of us, now we are DEAD
Because what you took for granted , now you lost my love .

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