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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Random Thoughts 9:01 pm

Time to express my random thoughts . I usually get these alot lol .
Anyways . Honestly , it feels like Im being turned off by everyone. Im not one of those girls who bashes on the male species either . I've been through alot and now Im fed up, for real this time . Unless I can find someone who is worthy enough & can meet my standards , I wont be interested . And at the same time, I choose to be single because I need to get myself together . I need to stop letting people disrespect me. I still need to find my will power . I changed alot from the dumb shit I did in highschool , but I still have alot to do to get where I need to be in life. As I got older , I learned alot about myself. I'm still in the process of finding my TRUE VALUE , which is very hard to find for most women . As I got older and more mature , I realized that these "boys" (the gender that treats me the worst) I've been dating isnt right for me. I dont deserve to be treated like this . So therefore, I will remain single until everything falls in the RIGHT place . Until I get myself together, until I find someone , a good person , with a heart & not a cold one . While Im single , I can spend time with myself, get some things done, like getting my degree, saving up for a car, make $$$ .
Im not 16 anymore , it can take alot to catch my attention now , especially because alot went down over the years. I changed my views on people. I made 3 male friends by the end of last year, they made me realize that there are good people around me , that I can find someone with good standards . Hopefully that one special person will come , hopefully soon .... I get impatient lol . But as of right now , Im convinced that this relationship thing wasnt meant to be , not for me =/
- Eccentric .

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